Using both cold-working and hot techniques, I produce three-dimensional pieces that are made up in layers of glass. I fuse transparent colour pigment from original photographic imagery with subtle applications of paint, building each piece up in layers before the final grinding and polishing stages.

I studied HND Art & Design at the Glasgow College of Building & Printing before working as a set artist for “the Complex” theatre, Los Angeles. I then went on to study BSc “Special Effects” at Southbank University, London, which led to employment in the Art/Special Effects departments on major movie productions including the Oscar-winning “Last Samurai” and Steven Spielbergs’ Oscar-nominated “Munich”. After several years working as a fine artist in the industry, I realised a lifelong ambition, setting up my own glass studio to research and work with the diverse materials and challenging techniques involved in the creation of multi-layered glass sculpture.

next exhibit

Currently have work exhibited in the following art galleries in the UK; The Green Gallery, Stirlingshire- Scotland Artists Gallery in Glasgow and Gallery Ten in Edinburgh and the London Contemporary Art Gallery, Store St, London- right in the heart of the West End near Covent Garden. Also, in 2020 I will be exhibiting in Red Moon Glass gallery in Melbourne, Australia.

Past Exhibits

August 2014, 2015, 2016- Pittenweem Arts Festival, Scotland

September 2016- AAF Bristol, England (represented by Frames Gallery)

December 2016- selected work; Gallery TEN, Edinburgh, Scotland

May 2017- 6-week solo show “Parallel Worlds” Artphoto Galeria, Budapest

August 2017- Pittenweem Arts Festival, Scotland

August 2017- selected work; Scotland Artists Gallery, Glasgow, Scotland

September 2017- International Festival of Glass (British Glass Biennale) England

October 2017- Art Market Budapest (represented by Artphoto Galeria)

August 2018- Pittenweem Arts Festival, Scotland

September 2018- Green Gallery, Scotland

October 2018- ArtMarket Budapest, (represented by ArtPhoto Galeria)

December 2018- Artphoto Galeria, Budapest

December 2018- Gallery TEN, Edinburgh, Scotland

the creative process

I use both hot and cold techniques, creating three-dimensional glass pieces from multiple layers using colour pigment from original imagery. The transparent pigment is applied using heat, followed by back-painting in layers once cooled. Each piece takes several weeks to create before the final diamond-sanding, finishing and polishing stages.


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The pieces themselves are created from multiple layers of glass and weigh upwards of 5 kgs per piece. Custom made lighting options are available on request